John T. Baker / Woodgrain

Stripped down, organic, granola pop. Woodgrain is JTB’s 11th solo recording (or 12th depending on what you count as a legitimate release). Recorded at Baker Acres and at Top Hat Studio in Austin TX, “Woodgrain” brims with understated, strummy acoustic pop gems. Features Gray Comer (Westside Daredevils, Beeswax), Jeff Bills (V-Roys, Suns of Phere) and … Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Rainbrella

I settled back into Baker Acres for Rainbrella. The title was suggested by V-Roy’s drummer Jeff Bills, whose label Lynnpoint released the album. This is a psychedelic, noisy but decidedly pop album. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Ohm

I have always made ambient music. Ever since I first started recording. I have long been a huge Brian Eno fan. After my ambient album with Todd Steed, I decided to do one of my own. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Man In The Street

As it turns out, the French Broads hiatus was a comfortable fit for us and so each of us went our own ways. I played with legendary southern rocker Tim Lee in his band for the next year. But still desiring to work on my own songs, I went back to recording my own little albums in the Baker Acres shed. Continue reading 

Todd Steed & John Baker / Music For Bus Stations

I’ve been a longtime admirer of Todd Steed. His band Smokin’ Dave & the Premo Dopes was the soundtrack to my college experience. He also worked in my favorite record store, so he was a big influence on what I listened to. Continue reading 

The French Broads / Better Wings, Better Happiness

The Broads’ hiatus lasted a couple of years as it turns out. But before we left each other, we had recorded the basic tracks of several of our live staples. So we decided to finish up the recordings and give them a home. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Rough Skeleton

The French Broads took a break in 2003-4 to pursue other individual interests. My interest was in doing the DIY recording thing again. The result was Rough Skeleton. Continue reading 

The French Broads / Tubes, Wood & Metal

This was the French Broads’ sophomore effort, and despite what most people say about the Sophomore Slump, I think it was the best of the Broads’ recorded output. Continue reading 

The French Broads / My Friend Speed

The French Broads became my new band in Knoxville, containing my old Martini Age cohort Jim Rivers, who had also relocated to Knoxville. It’s easy to see the continuity between the Martini Age and the Broads. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Woods

Once I got LRS out of the way, I bought a new recorder. It was a digital 8 track recorder and it offered lots of features that I hadn’t been able to use with my 4 track. Namely, lots of tracks to record vocals, guitars, more vocals and more guitars. And some more vocals. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Little Rock Songs

I moved back to my hometown of Knoxville TN after the release of Paddleboat. And it took me a while to get my studio (Baker Acres) set up. But once I did, I had this collection of songs I had recorded in Little Rock but had not mixed or released. So my first project at Baker Acres was to put this album together. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Paddleboat

After Itchy Scalp Theater was so surprisingly well received. I turned my efforts wholeheartedly toward making more cassette albums. Where IST was just a random collection of songs I had laying around, Paddleboat was written and recorded specifically for this release. Continue reading 

The Martini Age / Guitarsmack

The ill-fated follow up to HipPop. Grunge had hit and we traded in our solid state amps for tube amps. The jangle got replaced with mud. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Itchy Scalp Theater

Recorded at home in Little Rock AR on 4 track. This was right when the internet was just getting going and I found some DIY recording sites that would review home recorded albums so I cut & pasted a cover and used the xerox machine at work to make J cards for this cassette album. Continue reading 

John T. Baker / Bangorooma

Recorded on 4 track in a spare bedroom in Memphis. I was still playing in Martini Age at this point and the songs on Bangorooma were songs that didn’t fit with what that band did. Some good ideas on this one. Also some interesting sound collage type stuff. Continue reading 

The French Broads / HipPop

My first “real” band and our first CD. Recorded at Rocking Chair Studio in Memphis with Mark Yoshida engineering. All concerned did the producing. It’s a nice, clean, punchy pop album. Continue reading