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Guitarsmack | Baker Acres

The Martini Age / Guitarsmack

The ill-fated follow up to HipPop. Grunge had hit and we traded in our solid state amps for tube amps. The jangle got replaced with mud. Still, the songs are strong and include a neat cover of “Lucifer Sam” by Pink Floyd. Sadly, we ran out of money and could not have it printed or released, until now. Also included as a bonus are several cover songs we recorded at our practice space. Kinks, Clash, Television, Robyn Hitchcock. Fun stuff.

Track Listing

  1. Intro Thang
  2. My Bottle
  3. Untitled?
  4. She’s Plastic
  5. Tuesday in the Afternoon
  6. New Waist/Waste
  7. This Great Whirling Screw
  8. Dual/Duel
  9. Walter Mitty
  10. Don’t Buy It
  11. Heavy Metal Ending
  12. Dots
  13. Rooster
  14. Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd)
  15. Waterloo Sunset (Kinks)
  16. If You Were A Priest (Robyn Hitchcock)
  17. Death or Glory (Clash)
  18. Kentucky Rain (Elvis)
  19. See No Evil – live (Television)