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Man In The Street | Baker Acres

John T. Baker / Man In The Street

As it turns out, the French Broads hiatus was a comfortable fit for us and so each of us went our own ways. I played with legendary southern rocker Tim Lee in his band for the next year. But still desiring to work on my own songs, I went back to recording my own little albums in the Baker Acres shed. I started recording Man In The Street at home, but quickly realized I had some great resources at my disposal. So I bought a weekend’s worth of time at Independent Recorders, Don Coffey Jr’s (Superdrag) studio. I recruited Tim and Susan Lee as well as Don for a backing band and recorded several tracks there. Man In The Street is slightly political (Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War are frequent subject matter) and angry. I love the strength of this album.

Track Listing

  1. Guitar Intro
  2. Loosen the Head
  3. The Song That Wasn’t There
  4. Lindsay Weir
  5. I Don’t Know & I Don’t Care
  6. Phosphorus
  7. Disintegrate
  8. Combustible
  9. World, You’re So Fat
  10. Addict to Convenience
  11. Porch Rocker
  12. Place
  13. Player in Another Life
  14. Paradise
  15. Nothing Left
  16. Guitarchestra