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Rainbrella | Baker Acres

John T. Baker / Rainbrella

I settled back into Baker Acres for Rainbrella. The title was suggested by V-Roys drummer Jeff Bills, whose label Lynnpoint released the album. This is a psychedelic, noisy but decidedly pop album. I love all the weird transitions between songs. It’s kind of a kaleidoscope of a record. Plus Brian Eno is on it. He doesn’t know this. Please don’t tell him.

Track Listing

  1. The Big Intro
  2. The Impossible Girl
  3. Tell The Truth
  4. Spacely Sunday
  5. Love Like a Rocket
  6. War Has Just Begun
  7. Wounded War Bride
  8. Eno-Byrne
  9. Something
  10. Costume
  11. Windy Gray
  12. Missing
  13. Best is Yet to Come
  14. The Big Outro