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Tubes, Wood & Metal | Baker Acres

The French Broads / Tubes, Wood & Metal

This was the French Broads’ sophomore effort, and despite what most people say about the Sophomore Slump, I think it was the best of the Broads’ recorded output. We recorded this at Jim Rivers’ newly established studio, Kat P (www.katp.com). With the luxury of time and energy, we molded a nice capsule of our live show at the time. Tight, concise and punchy, Tubes, Wood & Metal was the high-water mark of the band.

Track Listing

  1. Tom Brokaw
  2. Cro Mag Sound
  3. Deep South Trip
  4. Insomniac
  5. Steppin’ Out
  6. Big Orange Paint
  7. Spastoblather
  8. Crazy
  9. Koto
  10. Epic