Well Woodgrain is mastered and sounds great! Jim Rivers over at KATP Studio did a bang-up job mastering it and smoothing out the rough edges. Now we move on to the packaging. I always wait till the last minute to do this stuff and in my experience, it takes almost as long as the recording does. I need to get started on this stuff WAY earlier next time. Luckily, I have design ace George Middlebrooks to make something beautiful out of the scraps of text and random iPhone pictures I send him.

If you haven’t got it already, head over to the Disc Exchange in South Knoxville and pick up a copy of Unmind- A Solution for Modern Life by my friend Todd Steed. You wanna see beautiful packaging? Well there it is. It helps that the Unmind album is excellent and very entertaining. Steed and his compatriot (and fellow Ampient Music pal) Bob Deck have made something quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard. If you’re not here in Knoxville, you can get it online at the usual spots (iTunes, Amazon) but you don’t get George’s super nice artwork. And that’s worth the price of admission on its own.

And speaking of Ampient Music, Bob Deck, George Middlebrooks and I appeared yesterday on 11 O’Clock Rock on Knoxivi.com. We played three pieces of music, as yet unnamed. The camera crew there did an outstanding job shooting the proceedings. Very artistically done. Go over to http://www.knoxivi.com/eleven_o_clock_rock and check it out.

We have a show at the Preservation Pub on Feb 23rd and if all goes as planned, it will be the CD release show for Woodgrain. There are three bands on the bill: Stolen Sheep, econopop and the Westside Daredevils. I play in all three bands, so I should be whupped by the end of the evening. I’m hoping it’ll be fun.

Also on the Westside Daredevils front, we just played at Waynestock at Relix Variety Theater in North Knoxville last weekend and I’m still warm in the afterglow of a wonderful experience playing with many of the town’s best musicians: RB Morris, Tim Lee 3, Mic Harrison, Senryu, Melungeons, Kevin Abernathy Band, Quartjar. It was a testament to how good and diverse the music scene is here in Knoxville. We need to do that about twice, three times a year.

Well, thanks for checking out Baker-Acres. I’ll see you soon, I hope


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