New year, new music…

My new album “Woodgrain” is finished! Well, almost. I sent it to KatP Studio to be mastered only to find out that some of the tracks are mixed too hot and are a bit distorted. So I gotta go pull down some faders. But that shouldn’t take too long. I’ve got my friend George Middlebrooks working on art/graphics so you know it’s gonna look great. If you have design work you need done, check his stuff out at

In other news, I am a guest musician on a new album by Lousy Robot, a great pop band out of Albuquerque NM. I’ve known singer Jim Phillips since my days in Memphis with the Martini Age. We played a lot of gigs with Jim’s band Judge Crater back in the day. After catching back up with each other about a year ago and exchanging music, he asked if I would play some drums and guitar on  some songs of his. We did it all via email and the result is “Man On a Weird Horse Pt 1” and “Sugarsweet Me” on Lousy Robot’s new album “Hail The Conquering Fool” due to be released on January 21st. You can stream it here I’m proud to be on this album, thanks Jim!

Lots of gigs coming up for my various bands. econopop, Stolen Sheep and Westside Daredevils will do a triple bill at the Preservation Pub on Feb 23rd. So I’ll be doing triple duty that night. Bring me strong coffee. Also there’s talk of a big band festival in late January that the Westside Daredevils will be playing. Keep an eye out for word of that. I’ll let you know.

now playing: The Books- The Way Out, Skafish- What’s This?, Junip- Fields, Black Mountain- Wilderness Heart, The Unmind Institute for Positive Waves

more later, I suppose


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